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As I wrote the last post about facing the Fears of Embarrassment and Humiliation (see link at bottom of post), something wonderful began to happen.

Yes, I had the conversations with my Personal Devil in my head like…

“Dude…do you really want to admit to telling a massive lie?”

“What will people think?”

“People thought you were crazy before…now they will know.”

“Just go to work, keep this under the carpet and smile like you are perfect because when you admit to being a liar about something, nobody will ever trust you again.”

“blah, blah blah…”


Yet, as I drew near to the finish line of completing the post, I began to smile and feel a lightness of Being within my Core.  I didn’t have to hide a thing which I considered to be big.  And that is the point…it really wasn’t big…it was just a creation of my own mind.  As soon as hit the “publish” button in WordPress, I was Free.  I felt like I could fly.  I looked at Lucky smiling at me as only a Sheltie can smile as if to say, “Take me for a walk, Greg…I wanna go see some more cows in the green hills…come on, Dude…let’s go.”


Lucky taking his Human for a walk in the Green hills of the Solano Land Trust, San Francisco Bay Area of California

Lucky taking his Human for a walk in the Green hills of the Solano Land Trust, San Francisco Bay Area of California


“This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man. Farewell, my blessing season this in thee!”

“My mother always quoted this to me when she was alive and it took me years to understand its full meaning. Weather it be a scene from Hamlet or advise given by a psychotherapist, it all holds the same message.”

–Shain posted this as a comment on my last post…it speaks to the heart of the message.


The Power of the last few days has been wonderful…


as if wings have sprouted from my back…

I just let go without Fear of attachment to something which does not exist anymore…

and allowed Self to fly towards my Destination without the weight of Judgement from any direction…

a Lesson of Transformation learned with Love.


There exists more of course, but this one was the skeleton who loomed the largest within me.  The process has taught a lesson.  Truth and hiding nothing is much easier than letting a secret eat us from the inside out.

Why create pain within Self if we have the Choice not to do such a thing?


And one final note…

Another comment on my last post by “Wisdom of Life” suggested that I watch the Brene Brown TED Talk, “Listening To Shame”.  I highly recommend this short video of a talk she gave.

“Brene Brown: Listening To Shame” on TED Talks