I sold my Little She…

the Sailing Vessel Cuddy…

and drove over three thousand miles to California to begin the next Phase of this Journey…

I “Let Go of Her”…


The day after the vessel of me was no longer mine to be a part of, I put Lucky in my Toyota Tacoma with all of my belongings and drove cross-country over the next seven days.  I love road-tripping.  In a sense, I was homeless because my home on the sailboat was no longer mine and I did not have a place yet in California.  The feeling of Freedom was awesome…I could have gone anywhere, really.

I drove almost ten hours the first day, spending the night in eastern Alabama in a hotel just off of I-20.  It was Lucky’s first time in an elevator and watching him watch the door was hilarious.

The second day was exhausting…thirteen hours from eastern Alabama to the west side of Ft. Worth, Texas.  It was a Sunday.  I was bound and determined to not deal with Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas commuter traffic on a Monday morning, so I HAD to get to the other side of what I assumed to be a nasty mess.

From time to time during that day, Lucky would just look at me as if to say, “Really, Dude?  Where on God’s Green Earth are we going…and more importantly…Why?”

That second night in a hotel in Texas, was March 3, 2013.  I didn’t go online much during the cross-country trip.  I was always exhausted by the end of each day and just wanted to lay flat in a bed and spend time with my dog.  So many emotions were going around in my head and body.  Selling the boat…a vessel which became a part of me to the point that I cried out loud as I walked away from Her the day I left.  Leaving all of what has been comfortable behind…again.  Yet, that night I checked email and found a message from someone who reviewed my book.   She wanted to know if she had permission to quote a passage from my book in her review.  I said, “Yes” not knowing what or why she wanted to quote the book.  The quote she felt compelled to use was about overcoming walls of Life…exactly in the Place of mind, body and spirit I was living again.

When I read her review, I was uplifted in such a positive Way, I cannot even begin to explain…hahahaha…well…I am a writer, so perhaps I should. 🙂

The review she wrote is below and/or can be found online at Amazon by clicking Here


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5.0 out of 5 stars Path of Three Hundred, March 3, 2013
This review is from: Path of Three Hundred (Volume 1) (Paperback)

“break through the wall which is blocking you…the wall which is creating a yoke on your shoulder…the wall which is holding you back from continuing down your path.” This is quote from the book and is an example of the wisdom in it. I understand the story of Petah is based on the true story of the author sailing solo across the Atlantic to Bermuda. During this lone trip at sea he faces his own walls and finds his inner voice. This book is full of insight. It is well written with an interesting story and poetry in each chapter. I admit I do not read much poetry, but the poetry in this book has such an even flow and brings forth a peaceful feeling, I plan to read it again. Because the author took this trip himself, he was able to put into reality the feelings of fear, loneliness, ectasy, and also the relationships of good friends. I recommend this book. It is an amazing story, and causes us to question our own walls and also do the opposite of bringing an element of peace to ourselves.

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