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A few days ago, I received this email from a close Soul to mine.  I say “close” even though I have never met her in person as she lives in a country thousands of miles away across the Indigo Sea…


Ciao Caro Greg,

For quite some time I’ve been meaning to send you the address of my friend [omitted for privacy], who had loved so much your “When you receive a “Message from your Soul”…what does One do?”.  She was very well impressed by your writing, and your personality. Astounded she was I think, at your generosity of willing to send her a copy of your book.

I’m sorry it’s taken so long to send you her address… I thank you so dearly on her behalf, she will be so happy. Thank You so much.

The address she gave me is not very safe though… it is in a little town in a forgotten corner of a poverty-struck country… and I’ve been feeling so uncomfortable about the fact that your book could get lost…

Yesterday, thinking about this, came to me a wonderful answer to this disheartening possibility, and it made me smile with contentment…. as I remembered what The Angels told you to do… to get “out there” the message of Universal Love you learned from your experiences. So if your book was to get lost, it would travel unexpectedly from one destiny to another, to finally reach the hands of the one who needs it the most… Some good person out there who needs this gift of hope… Nothing at all would be lost then.

Full of love. Overwhelmed.

Your influence really helped me, even if you cannot know how… but you helped me so very much.


I responded…asking her for her permission to publish this without using her…or her friends name.  She granted me permission with this email back…


… You’ve got such a nice way of brightening the frequency of my brain waves… and Spirit waves !

I would LOVE IT , of course I would

Whatever you want to publish about anything I perceived/wrote/said, anything we talk about… whatever you find bright and worth communicating, gives me a means of contributing to the spreading of good in this world, in one way or another. Grazie dal Cuore Gregorio you are so kind to me, as sweet as can be.

As you say about the 2 books that Andrea could not receive, perhaps someone in deep spiritual need is reading and feeling the Joy. [I told her about how I have attempted to send copies to a friend of mine in a certain European country twice without success].

The message I got from the Angels last Sunday was beautiful… the channelled image/emotion of a little child holding a book he cannot intellectually comprehend, in a mysterious foreign language… But sensing powerfully that the Holy Spirit had arrived as a Beautiful Bird to his hands, talking to him from the cover of that book… A perception of your message of Hope and Love taken to beyond words… deciphered by a Great Soul in a tiny body 🙂

Possibleness… Future Exists potentially in the Present, but destinies have free will… one Way or the other, your book arriving to Blancalila or somebody else, it will fulfil its Destiny of doing Good.

Now that you will be moving to the San Francisco bay region, I feel moving there is going to bring you a new spring in your step, a new period of your life. “Like I am going Home”… fantastic !

You are a reason of Joy to me, Greg.


I am humbled by her words…

I feel Joy through the communication of the Hearts of others…

and this is an example of a Path to Peace which takes me through a beautiful day in the Place of my Existence.