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“Flow with the Present Moment…Be in the Now”

I Love Storytelling.  The telling of stories of Adventure, Love and Strength.  Whether I listen to someone else like my Father or Mother…or telling one myself.  My childhood memories of sitting around the dinner table with my Family or around a campfire in the woods with Family and friends…all Positive within my Core as a Human.  I can remember Dad telling stories of being a Jet Fighter Pilot with the Marine Corps.  On the edge of my seat and feeling the Passion with which my Father would describe his Life in the clouds.  My Mother shaking her head and telling a story of how she felt when he would come home from one of his adventures.  My Brother and Sister laughing and asking for more.  So graphic in the way both would share, I could close my eyes and see my Self with them in their experiences.

So…next Thursday, December 13, 2012, I will be giving a “Talk” here at Masonboro Yacht Club and Marina in the Clubhouse at 7:30pm, telling stories of the adventure.  The address is 609 Trails End Road, Wilmington, North Carolia, USA.

Yes, it is about the book I have written, “Path of Three Hundred”, yet I will be speaking in the “first person” and bring Petah to Life as Me.

Once the talk is over, which will only last about forty-five minutes, I will happily take questions for as long as anyone wants to ask them.  No time limit on the interaction once I finish speaking.  The setting is relaxed here at the Marina.  On the third floor of the Clubhouse, one can even see the Atlantic Ocean across Masonboro Island on the other side of the Intracoastal Waterway…Peaceful this place Is.


I felt compelled to write the book because of the transformation of self while being at sea through the physical challenges I faced while alone. There is no place to “pull over” out there. There is no one to take the helm so that I could rest when tired or hungry. Eight days of sailing to get to Bermuda and nine days of sailing back to Wilmington. I experienced storms, the Bermuda Triangle and beautiful wonders of Nature unlike anything I can ever remember…and I want to go back…some day, I will again as I miss the sea even as I write these words.


The full color paperback edition available online is expensive as far as paperback books go…this is a function of full color printing.  So, I have compiled the same edition without many of the Illustrations…the ones still within the book are in black and white to defray printing costs of full color illustrations.  As soon as the new cover is complete in the next few days, the much less costly edition will be available.  Hopefully by the time the Talk happens, I will be able to provide links to the new, Second Edition.

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