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Katherine Gerardi is the Illustrator for “Path of Three Hundred“.  Yet, Katherine’s influence upon other humans, including me, does not end with her uncanny and intuitive artistic ability.  She asked deep questions of both Me and the Story while I was in the process of writing the book.  Questions which propelled my thinking about not just the story of Petah (me), but of how I relate to this Life.  In a sense, she is a Life Coach with a growing client base, but to me, she is so much more than that.  Her ability to “know” how to express visually what the story is attempting to convey to a reader is beyond magical.  To call her an Artist will limit what she is capable of doing.  To call her also simply a Life Coach, will limit a perception by others of what she is capable of doing with humans in a positive Way.  Katherine Gerardi is both an Artist and a Transformational Life Coach.

If you would like to read more about the synchronicity within the back story of how she generated the artwork for the book…