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The day is calm…

unlike yesterday…

thus, I will be in the moment of Now.


As I bent my lower back with my arms hanging below me and my legs straight, I exhaled.  With my breath leaving my lungs, I hear the exhale of a dolphin.  I know the sound well and it is unlike no other.  I did not flinch in my yoga meditation.  I inhaled more air while raising my back and arms to the sky.  As my eyes became level and I could once again see the water below me, I saw the dolphins surface again with exhales…there were many of them less than one hundred yards away.

–on the deck at Masonboro Yacht Club, October 30, 2012


From “Path of Three Hundred”

“The Three have my back…

I see them in their element…

violence to me has evolved into something wonderful with this vision…there…

three air-breathing souls surfing beneath the surface with Grace.


Petah felt himself frozen in Time.  He was just standing in the cockpit of the Little She staring out over the open sea to the horizon behind him.  Waking from this trance, he turned to the rising Sun and welcomed the warmth of the new day on his face.  He was getting warmer now.  After shedding his night-clothes of many layers, he tethered himself to his safety line and gingerly climbed out of the cockpit onto the deck of his boat moving forward to the bow.  The seas were calm and winds were light, giving the autopilot and easy time to keep the course he desired.  Petah laid down on the deck of his Little She and felt the gentle undulation of a sailing vessel on a calm sea.  As the Sun rose in the morning cloudless sky, Petah felt a Peace once again.

As he lay there, he stared into the blue sky above.  He remembered something about the violent day before which was not violent…something beautiful.  Yesterday, as the twenty-foot waves would lift his boat high from behind, Petah would turn around and look behind the boat to see what the next wave would be like, making any adjustments to his course necessary to safely steer.  One such time, as he turned to look behind, he saw three whales surfing down the face of the on-coming wave.  He had been battling the sea for many hours before he had seen this.  The Coast Guard aircraft had already departed to the East as he was sailing back West running with the storm in utter exhaustion.  The sight of the whales stunned him with their beauty in the midst of all that seemed violent and hellish to the simple sailor.

“Those three beings are in their element and probably having a wonderful time…so why shouldn’t I?” thought Petah yesterday…and now.”

—from “…day Four to the East…”, “Part II: The Battle”, in “Path of Three Hundred“, page 54.

Artwork by Katherine Gerardi for “Path of Three Hundred”, 2012, using drawings by Greg Frucci and a photograph by Patricia Roseman,