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“The descriptions are rich enough to make the reader feel as if they are next to
Petah, sailing with him, smelling the same air. Far from being an expanse of
nothingness, the story’s open seas carry constant surprises, with no two moments
ever being the same.”

–Robert Davies…you can read his entire review of “Path of Three Hundred” on Amazon by clicking here.


A screen capture from video taken on Day 4 to the East…the day after the Storm.


“Certain times in Our lives…

an Angel will appear…

from out of seemingly nowhere and out of a place unknown…there…

we See our salvation.”


Coast Guard C206, I am going to turn the boat around when I climb the next wave.  Over.”

“Copy that Skipper…we will stay on station with you…radio us after the maneuver.  Coast Guard C206.  Out.”

Petah stopped following the circling aircraft with his eyes, put the radio back in its holster on the helm, grabbed the helm with both hands and let out a sigh.  This was a time to focus all of his energy to Self.  Time seemed to stop as he remembered the words of Secumptual…

“Remember…you’re a surfer, Petah…if you ever have to run with a storm…surf your boat down the face of a big wave as you would a surfboard…drop in, turn and go…it’s the same.”

Petah was about to do something he had never done before.  He was in the middle of a situation unlike anything he had ever experienced…everything was new, very real and it was all happening whether he wanted it to or not.

—from: “…day Three to the East…” of “Part II: The Battle”, “Path of Three Hundred“, page 49


Thank you to all of the humans who serve in the United States Coast Guard…you are Angels…Peace to You.