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Part of The Essense of “Path of Three Hundred” is something I read this morning in a book Gifted to me by the Illustrator, Katherine Gerardi.  I opened the book randomly and this is what my physical eyes went to…


“The first step to consciousness is awareness.  If you don’t know or understand the process, then you will forever be at the affect of it.  You will avoid, resist, deny, go into fear, wonder what’s wrong with you, or wonder what others will think, etc.

If you do understand, then you can learn to interact with the process consciously.  You can learn how to benefit fully from whatever is going on by learning how to go with it and ultimately through it.  That is called emotional-body clearing, and that is what most of this book is about.” 

–“Something In This Book Is True…” , page 96, by Bob Frissell, 2003 and published by Frog Books.


While I was reading this short passage, I flowed back in Time to a few moments at sea, “…day Three to the East…” and “…day Six to the West…”, for it was in those moments when the mantra of my father was with me the most…”Improvise, Adapt and Overcome”.

Today, I will go into my job at The Home Depot and work my shift from 1:30pm to 10:30pm.  Normally when I work the closing shift like that, I eat a little, walk my dog, Lucky and go to bed.  But tonight, I will read as far as I can into this book, for I am inspired as I write this.


Peace to You.