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The ten winners of the Goodreads.com contest have been selected by the Goodreads staff.  I am in the process of signing the copies with personal notes to each winner.  I will ship the books out on Monday, the 15th of October.  Six of the winners are in the USA, so you will receive them most likely by the end of next week.  Three of the winners are from the United Kingdom and one from Canada, so the shipping may take a little longer. 457 people entered the contest and this warms my Soul…thank you to all who entered.


I am going to have another “Giveaway” on Goodreads very soon, so check back.  And beginnning on October 23-28, I will be answering questions about the story.  Here is the link on Goodreads for the Q&A:

Q&A with Greg Frucci about “Path of Three Hundred”

If you are not a member of Goodreads.com, you can join the site for free…it’s a fun site if you are into books.  🙂  Peace to you, Greg