The Gift is a special talent, either you are born with it or you can encourage it to grow through exercise, education and practice. The Gift can be used for good or evil, itself is neither good nor evil and it’s full potential is unknown.

Through trial and error The Gift can be manifested in almost anyone and can be specific or broad. The Gift nearly always is creative at it’s source. That is not to say that The Gift is purely an artistic expression, for it is not the result that defines it’s existence, but it is the power to create something. The Gift, if given freedom can result in the acquisition of pleasures which may come in infinite forms.

The Grift is acquired, either consciously or unconsciously. The Grift can be utilized as inspiration or imitation, it is unavoidable but also can be purposefully regulated. The Grift will be all that a person does or is that was not born unto itself in and of itself. The Grift is something taken from somewhere which is then presented as original. The Grift appears unique because it has the capacity to draw from innumerable sources and then presented as a new entity. The Grift is not innately evil or good, it can be manipulated to extreme for use in evil or for good, however in and of itself it is neither one way or another. The Grift can be tamed but not abolished, and out of it’s suppression comes null. If let to reign over The Gift, The Grift will be a flat out scheme and will wear thin quickly as it is then without The Gift that The Grift is merely a shell game to avoid the shallow depth of inauthentic motivation.

The Grit is the spirit, which can be measured, built up or worn down. The Grit is not the dust and rubble which is left behind but is the very fortitude of a person. The Grit is the courage and determination that is never permanent in amounts, but is mustered up according to necessity or desire. The Grit can be used to glorify or to destroy, yet it is not definitively good or evil. The Grit is the power used for resolution, and tenacity. The source of The Grit comes from the heart and is what gives perseverance to The Gift and the moral fiber to The Grift. The Grit comes from within and gives the daring to endure obstacles, weaknesses or perceived ineptitude.

Separate, the three are merely shape, formula and spunk. In collaboration the three can set you free.

(via the three g’s)