As the Longtailed One flew towards the southern horizon, Petah wondered how a living being such as this lone bird could survive by itself so far out to sea alone. He was now less than two hundred miles from Bermuda…the tiny dot of land that it is surrounded by the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean, yet the time it would take to fly this far out to sea made Petah wonder how the little guy rested. He never heard the bird utter a sound while it hovered above him…he seemed to exist in silence.
“Is this difficult for you?”, spoke Petah to the bird as it became small with distance. As the bird disappeared, Petah thought of his own silence as Jezebel dramatically portrayed her lies to her tiny world of minions. In his Past, Petah would have engaged the hate thrown his way by narcissistic ones like her, but in the past year he had learned the benefits of Silence. True, the pain of not openly speaking was great in the beginning, but he now was on a personal quest…one he had dreamed of all his life…that of a Peaceful Mind.

“…day Six to the East…” (a chapter from Part II: The Battle) « Path of Three Hundred

“Path Of Three Hundred”

a book being written by Greg Frucci