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 ”…a man must rid himself of the will-o’-the-wisps of thought, even if only for a very short time during the day – about five minutes (the longer, the better). He must become the ruler in his world of thought. He is not the ruler if external circumstances, occupation, some tradition or other, social relationships, even membership of a particular race, the daily round of life, certain activities and so forth, determine a thought and how he works it out.”

 from the book, “Guidance in Esoteric Training”, by Rudolf Steiner.  I read this quote as part of a post, A “Rare” Esoteric Exercise  in Sarmoung’s Blog by Dandolo Andrea.  This highly recommended post speaks about an exercise in which one can free our Self of cluttered thinking.  I used to perform a similar exercise while I was in Architecture School when I was drawing objects and thinking about spaces I was designing.  The cool thing is that this exercise may applied to anything we love to do.  It’s a form of meditation…concentrating on a “thing” for a moment in time…allowing all other thoughts about “stuff” to just drift away.  Love can be found there.  Peace can be found there.  Happiness can be found there.

While I was alone at sea for days and nights, the ability to perform an exercise like this one was in some ways easier than being here back in the company of humans, but in our quiet times alone in our homes…or on a beach…wherever…we can go to the place in our Hearts where Peace can be found…we just have to meditate for a while.  🙂

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