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If you would like to see the route of the crossing from Bermuda to Wilmington, NC over the Atlantic Ocean, you can click the link above.  Over the coming days I will upload screen captures from the filming of the voyage. 

I initally was bound for the Bahamas because I could not get a proper weather window to sail back to North Carolina.  On the third day en route to the Bahamas, Captian Tom Honig from Masonboro Yacht Club sent me a satellite message that the weather forcast had changed and that I could turn and head safely to the US coastline.  I intially aimed for Charleston or points south, but as I drew closer over the coming days to the States, it bacame apparent that I could make it safely to Wilmington, NC.  On the December 6, 2011, I sailed into Masonboro Inlet in calm winds and a beautiful day. 

Peace to you,

Greg Frucci

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