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Last Log Entry of Leg 1: Part 1a of 3 

“Changing Course”

Date of video: June 17, 2011
Place: S/V Cuddy anchored up in St. Georges Harbour, Bermuda
Time: Sometime after dark

This is the first part of the last video log entry for Leg 1 of an intended solo sail across the Atlantic to Portugal.  The entire log entry is around 45 minutes.  I am not sure if I will upload all of it, but Part 1b of 3 will be uploaded.  I said something negative about someone in Part 1, so I have cut that part of the video out…a choice I am making because the essence of this voyage…no matter what, the destination is Peace…I will keep this positive since at the end of the day, this experience has been the most positive period of my life.

As I write the draft of this post, November 9, 2011, I am sitting in the office of West End Yachts, Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda awaiting the passing of Tropical Storm Sean.  I am here because I am going to set sail on the S/V Cuddy (my little She as I call her) back to North Carolina.  The Cuddy is fixed now, but this is not the right time of year to sail to the Azores.  The most intelligent course to take would be to head due south to the West Indies and I will if the weather changes while I am at sea, but my dog Lucky is waiting for me back in NC…so that is my intended course.

“Changing Course” is just that…a course changed.  The physical destination of Lisbon, Portugal is a place I will sail to someday…this I know..this I feel.  I started this journey in search of something, but back then I knew not what I was looking for.  Through this experience, I did find the “thing”…I found my Self…I found my Soul…I found my Home…which is my Heart…and my Heart can go wherever it pleases…Wilmington, Bermuda or Lisbon…all places are there.

Perhaps this coming Saturday the 19th or Sunday the 20th of November 2011, I will be able to depart for North Carolina…but I have to wait for the proper weather window…and TS Sean I will respectfully wait for his passing to the north. [Well, those dates did not work due to another weather system that would have been nasty and I was advised not to set sail on those dates.  Right now as I write this on November 25, 2011…still in Bermuda… I am preparing to set sail this coming Monday the 28th…as of right now, it looks like I will have a decent window for departure]

You will be able to track the progress of the voyage from Bermuda to North Carolina by clicking HERE. There will also be a link to the page on the right hand side of all pages on this site.

Peace to you,
Greg Frucci

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