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Front cover of the poetry book, “Inpsiration From A Muse: Poems To Her” on Flickr.

Soon after I approve the proof copy, “Inspiration From A Muse: Poems To Her” will be available. #poetry
Love is a mystery to be solved by only those who feel the emotions…
Inspiration From A Muse: Poems To Her is a part of the mystery two people encounter on their individual paths of Life. During the process of self-discovery, a recognition of unconditional Love of Self can be achieved…the product of which can be a Way of expression of unconditional Love of others…the High Temple of which can be another Soul you are connected with…a Soul thus becoming a part of you.
This small book of poems was written during a period of time before, during and after the sailing voyage alone to Bermuda and will also be an appendix of the book, “A Peaceful Journey Home: Changing Course”, which is currently being written.
— frucci 🙂