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    On Being a Reckless Human

A friend of mine called me out as being “reckless” a few months ago just before I took off on the Cuddy to cross the Atlantic alone. Others have said the same since then, with a few using the word “arrogant”.

When we think of our own individual Self…who We Are…from our own perspectives, we seldom see Truth since we all wear masks in some form or another.

My brother and I once surfed “hurricane surf” together and had a great time in the craziness that was the Atlantic Ocean that particular day. A “small” catagory 1 hurricane was not far off the Outer Banks shore. The tourist infestation of the islands had been cleared out by an evacuation with only news crews and the Weather Channel folks milling around looking for something to shoot. My Brother and I didn’t last very long in the water since the paddle out and paddle back out after riding huge waves tired us to the point of exhaustion. Both hungry and thirsty we walked back to the car along the road (we drifted quite a ways). A TV news crew, which will remain unnamed, stopped beside us and asked if we would go back out so that they could film us. As tired as we were, we complied and started walking back to the dunes. As we were walking away, the camera crew caught up to us and said, “we didn’t ask you to do this…OK?”. My brother and I just shook our heads, smiled and headed out to sea. They got what they wanted…so did we.

I was both arrogant and reckless that day. I didn’t think of those two descriptive words back then…not even until I am writing this now, have I remembered that experience as being either one of those two descriptors of a particular Way. In going into the past…I can see a lesson of Life. I can get a closer glimpse of who I am. I can find Truth of Being.

I have thought much in the past months about what my friend who called me reckless meant by that comment. At the time, the comment caught me off guard and I don’t remember exactly how I reacted…I suppose I will have to look at the footage since it was filmed. What I do remember is the story he told of what made him think that about me. Hearing that truth from a friend resonated with me in a strong way during the crossing to Bermuda. Peter had the courage to speak Truth from his innermost Being and I accept the words he used…the meaning of which now are strong in me.

Through life experience, we can all learn boundaries…I have many times. My personal recklessness and arrogance in the activities I participate in have defined those personal boundaries. Sailing in the open ocean alone in any boat, skydiving, surfing storm waves, riding motorcycles (which I do not do anymore…but may in the future), hiking in mountains alone, running marathons, running triathlons, riding bikes on roads without bike lanes, being an actor instead of what I was trained to do…Architecture, driving in the fast lane during a thunderstorm…and so many other activities we as humans participate in, can in some way be defined as reckless or arrogant. The detail is in the Way in which we approach such activities…thus the boundaries we define for ourselves.

The solo sail to Bermuda as Leg One of a journey has taught me the boundary of my arrogance…my recklessness. Now that I have this knowledge, I can plan the future in a non-reckless Way. Our Life journeys will continue.

I miss the Indigo Sea…

I am a sailor as I am a surfer, a skydiver, an Architect, an artist…

an explorer of the unknown Self…

Life continues in a loving and peaceful Way…the path we can walk.

    July 17, 2011…Wilmington, NC

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