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The last time I took a fresh water shower…hot and cold water adjusted just right as we all do…our favorite shampoo and soap…sometimes just standing there enjoying the perfectly adjusted water pouring over us…the last time was the morning of June 9th when I set sail for Bermuda.  Please don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining…just the opposite…for I have improvised and adapted to my surroundings…

Every morning I toss my bio-degradable soap and shampoo into my dingy and dive into the salt water of St. Georges Harbor where the Cuddy is anchored.  I enjoy my morning swim around the boat.  Once I’ve completed my swim, I lather up while hanging onto my ladder and fall back into the water to rise off.  I then climb back into the boat and towel off ready to begin my day.

It’s awesome…and I don’t miss a “normal” shower at all…although I am sure once I do take a “normal” shower again, I will enjoy the moment.  I was talking with a friend last night about the experience…she can relate as she has done the same thing in the past and loves it.

Weather it’s camping in the woods or wherever your outdoors travel takes you…cleaning ourselves up in Nature can be a wonderful and positive experience.

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