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Image by greg frucci via Flickr

A few days after my arrival in Bermuda, I downloaded a backup copy of the video footage I shot while sailing to Bermuda and shipped the original 32GB SD Video Cards back to the USA and now is in the hands of the Cool Change Productions Team in Wilmington, NC.  Along with all the footage we shot prior to sailing here, we have an enormous amount of content for the Documentary.   I received an email from our Director, Jeff Branch, about a quick review of the footage and he likes what he sees so far…he dubbed the footage; “Changing Course: The Bermuda Chronicles”…I love it!

The process I went through to get the footage was a challenging one to say the least…sailing alone in the open Ocean is a wonder…beautiful at times…horrific at times…and everything in between.  I was able to capture a sampling of the experience in both the preparation and the journey…once released…my wish is that you can connect with both the physical and the spiritual of what you witness.

Peace to you,

—frucci 🙂

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