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In talking with the locals here, I have discovered something about Bermuda I never knew.  These Islands are a place not sought out by humans at first…the islands of Bermuda were happened upon by sailors destined for another port.  Their vessel, like my little Cuddy, limped into a safe harbor and stayed here from months while repairs could be made. 

In a way, I feel a connection to those early sailors…my own course has been changed by being here.  I do not think the Cuddy will be here for months, but repairs will need to be made to my little She…the Gale StormI battled, knocked her about a bit…tearing my mainsail, damaging the steerage, damaging the autopilot (which allows me to sleep), taking out my main GPS unit and affecting one of the shrouds holding up my mast.  The Cuddy is anchored in St. Georges Harbor for now and in a couple of days, I will have her “hauled out” so that the damage can be assessed by professionals.

Seeing the lights of Bermuda the night before I sailed into her safe harbor was a magical moment…I knew and felt a great comfort seeing the lights here that night.  I could not sail straight into port that night…the great people of Bermuda Radioguided me to specific way points so that I may cross the reef safely before sailing into the harbor early the next morning.  Not having slept for the two days before and arriving here after all that I had been through was a celebration in my mind.  Now that I know the story of the early sailors who came here under damaged conditions…I feel I can connect with how they must have felt once they saw land.

“Changing Course” is taking on an entire new meaning…and for me at least, it is in the meaning of changing a course that the spice of life resides…

—frucci 🙂

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