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Parishes of Bermuda
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Wow…the eight days it took me to get to Bermuda is an adventure unlike I have ever experienced.  I battled a Gale…I sailed my vessel under a full moon…I caught fish, eating the best raw fish I have ever tasted…I saw birds 300 miles offshore…I saw dolphins running my bow…I saw the most fantastic meteor I have ever seen…sow much more…and I have it all on film…hours of footage of Peace…hours of footage of Mother Nature testing my strength…

The story of what I experienced is something now that seems surreal to me as I sit here on a bench by the harbor in Bermuda.  I am rested…I have eaten a few cooked meals…I have bathed in the harbor beside the Cuddy anchored peacefully.  The images in my brain of the past eight days seem like they could not have happened…but they did…the intensity of what I went through to get here are still processing in my brain…they will be for some time to come.

Thank you all for thinking about me while I was alone at sea…I felt your great vibes…they gave me the strength I needed to continue to my destination.  I will post more in the coming days and upload some still photos of the experience.

Peace to you all,

— frucci 🙂

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