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Someone asked me the other day, “Frucci, what are the most needed items now that you cannot afford to purchase?” 

Two things…one for the filming of the Documentary and one for the safe crossing of the Atlantic.

For the filming of the Documentary, we need at least 20 Class 6 32 gigabyte SD cards for the cameras.  We are looking into an alternative of carrying hard drives which I can dump footage onto, but using individual cards which I can ship back as I get into the different ports would be best.  Also, from a weight and storage standpoint, the small individual cards makes the most sense…although it is also the more costly alternative. 

Below is a link to a website to purchase individual cards. 


If you choose to purchase a card, please ship it to:

“Changing Course”

c/o Frucci

609 Trails End Road

Wilmington, NC  28409

For the safe crossing, I still need a lifeboat.  I have all the other safety gear I need, but am looking into renting a lifeboat or borrowing one from somebody.  If I rent or borrow, I will ship it back to the original owner.  If you know anyone who might want to rent one to me, please forward the information on to this email:  coolchangepro@yahoo.com

I am still on target for setting sail as early as June 5th…a week from this coming Sunday! 

Peace to all of you…Obrigado,

—frucci 🙂

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