Sometime between June 5th and June 15th, I will depart from Masonboro Yacht Club bound for Portugal with the first stop being Bermuda.  I actually have a good window today and could leave, but I have a few things left to complete.  The feeling of completeness and readiness is fast approaching.

Today, I will complete the installation of a new floor in my old house for some renters moving in this coming Thursday…the old carpet is going to the dump…good feeling!  Yesterday, I took the few belongings I have left to a 5’x10’ storage unit over in Leland, NC…a few more items will go over there after the dump run.  Ivy Cottage here in Wilmington will pick up two items on Thursday to sell on consignment while I am at sea.  After that, the house, my old stuff will take on a new life of their own while I seek my new life in a course I have chosen to change.  Again…a good feeling.

A few more modifications to the Cuddy over the next week and I will be able to cast off my lines and head East across the Ocean.

Yeah, I wanted to be ready by May 17th and I was not…but I almost am now…and by June 5th, I will be.

—frucci 🙂