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compass rose logo
Image by greg frucci via Flickr

If you go see the new Piranha 3DD movie by Atmosphere Entertainment MM & Dimension Films, you will see the “Compass Rose” drawing I made for “Changing Course”. Thank you, Ermanno DiFebo-Orsini (Production Designer for Piranha 3DD) for wanting to use my artwork…I love what you have done with the drawing in the film!  And thank you Joel Soisson(Executive Producer for “Piranha 3DD” and “Changing Course”) for helping make all of this happen!

The “Compass Rose” drawing has a story behind it’s creation…a story going back to the year 1997 beginning with a tattoo on my wedding ring finger.  Over the years the tattoo has been modified twice more becoming the inspiration for the “Compass Rose”.

Peace to all,

—frucci 🙂

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