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Jeff Bridgers is an artist…specifically, a metal sculptor.  He is also one of the nicest, most peaceful humans I have ever met.

I used to work with Jeff at The Home Depot…about a year ago, he decided to leave the Depot and set out on his own to create his metallic art…Jeff’s work is beautiful.  Jeff did what I am about to do…am doing…following a dream…taking action in a positive way…and doing it.

About a month ago, I ran into Jeff down at Bottega Cafe/Gallery in Wilmington, NC.  He said he read the article in the StarNews by Amy Hotz about “Changing Course”.  Jeff said, “Hey man, I love what you are doing and I want to create a sculpture for your boat…what do you need?”.  I told him that I was planning on placing a solar panel on the Cuddy to power the electrical systems and I need a stainless steel rack.”  He said, “Perfect, maybe I could incorporate the Compass Rose drawing into the rack somehow.”

Jeff finished the rack structure a couple of days ago and he is working on creating a sculpture out of stainless steel plate using the Compass Rose drawing as inspiration.  The Compass Rose will be welded onto the rack just before I depart.  Cape Fear Solar Systems will be installing the panel this coming week and the Cuddy will be off the grid.  Because of Jeff’s efforts along with Cape Fear Solar, the making of “Changing Course” is closer to reality.  We I leave port for the voyage across the Atlantic, I now have peace of mind about powering the camera equipment and all my electrical needs.

As a bonus, while Peter Jurasikwas interviewing me as part of the documentary, Jeff Bridgers can be seen in the background installing the stainless steel rack he created on the Cuddy…and yeah, for those who know him, he was probably scratching his head from time to time…:)

I highly recommend Jeff Bridgers of Black Heat Forge!  If you need or want anything constructed out of metal, give him a call.  And if you own a boat and need a stainless steel rack of any configuration…Jeff’s your man.

Jeff Bridgers of Black Heat Forge


Obrigado, Jeff!

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