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Cape Fear Solar Systems has graciously donated the entire Solar Panel Energy system and will install the system the week of May 9, 2011!!!  Better yet, they are installing a 208 watt panel giving the Cuddy twice the energy I was hoping for! Thank you guys!!!  Cape Fear Solar Systems will be credited in the Documentary with a huge “Special Thanks” and I will be talking about them in one or more of my daily video logs while at sea.

John P. Donoghue and Adam Hassenfus of Cape Fear Solar Systems met me on the Cuddy this past Monday, May 2, 2011 to look at the energy requirements for the voyage.  Now that they are installing the system, I feel safe and confident in producing the footage for the entire trip across the Atlantic as well as powering all the electronics on the boat.  Talk about a huge weight off my shoulders…whew…

Cape Fear Solar Sytems is located at:

901 Martin Street

Suite C-6

Wilmington, NC  28401


Obrigado Cape Fear Solar Systems!

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