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Skeletons?   Ha, yeah, like most of us, I have a few…they will most likely be released as I generate my daily video logs.  After getting only 1 hour of sleep at a time for a month at sea alone, my emotions will expand from the already open state that they are.   I am putting my life out there for all to see and hear as an illustration of breaking through barriers. 

We all have fears of what others think of us…one of the reasons why we have skeletons.  Since this journey is a spiritual one as well as physical, why not cleanse my Self of everything? 

We have broken down the daily video logs into separate subjects.  Each sailing day, I will focus on a particular aspect of our lives…part of telling a story.  Each subject is one in which we all have had to deal with at some point…”Fears”, “Love”, “Choices”, etc.  On Sailing Day 22, I will release the “Skeletons” few know about.

Skeletons are burdens within us.  We wear masks to hide them.  Think about one of your own.  What if your skeleton became not a secret, but a truth no longer hidden…your entire true Self brought to the surface of your being for all you come into contact with…an elimination of the mask?  For me at least, if there were nothing at all to hide within my Self, like how I feel about someone or being ashamed of something I did long ago, I would be able to walk even lighter than I do now. 

This process of “Changing Course” already has transformed me over the past several months.  I feel different.  I feel more at peace within my Self.  I can relate to others in a happier way…and I am loving the feeling.  By releasing everything to the open…including the skeletons…I will wash my Self clean. 

“Take me down to the Water”…—-Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

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