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One month from today, May 17, 2011, is the target date to set sail.  Will I actually leave the dock at Masonboro Yacht Club in Wilmington, NC that exact day?  I do not know…and will not know until the day before.  Why?  One of the most important rules of sailing is…Patience…as in all aspects of the paths we take.  I will begin watching weather systems moving across our continent the week prior ( I am actually watching them now…studying them closely…feeling their movements).  An interesting website is www.passageweather.com 

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The window for departure begins…in my head at least…on May 17th and extends to the middle of June…sometime within that period, I will depart…the exact date will be determined not by me, but by Nature.  In the same vein…my exact arrival date in Lisbon, Portugal is…and will remain a question…sometime in June or July.

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