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screen capture from "Changing Course"...
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Past…Present…Future.  We create our paths…we are responsible for that which we walk upon…no one else but us.

I have made mistakes in the past, we all have…I own them, they are mine and I blame no one but me.  Choices we make stem from decisions we arrive at by applying our own logic.  I can only understand fully the logic in my brain derived from my own experiences…some choices others make I will never understand, nor do I expect to understand them, thus individuality…a beauty in and of itself.


Time moves from the Past into this moment continuing into the Future.  We can learn from our experiences…use the knowledge gained and be positive going into the future…forgetting nothing and accepting what “is”. 

I have the lessons learned and I will only learn more…the goal is wisdom and peace.

The older I get, the more I realize how little I know, which opens the door to knowledge gained from unlimited experiences…blinders off and the world is beautiful.

—frucci 🙂

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