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I received this message on this website from a woman named Hillary this morning after she read the article in the Star News. 

From Hillary:

“A lot of people don’t have the gall to say the things you’ve said or do the things you’ve done thus far.  And most people get it twisted in worrying more about what the people that don’t care about them think and less about the thoughts of those that stand by them.  I was wondering if you will be taking any journals with you?  I realize you will be video taping, however it’s very hard to vocalize some thoughts, especially in the form of a list of goals, special quotes and poetry.  If it were me, I would carry a notebook and during those times write to read live later.  Have you embraced your  explorer’s nature completely?  When i used to go on road trips I always made a fun list of goals to accomplish.  For instance, when I visited New Orleans I had a list that included stopping on whims along the way, one of which ended up a family tradition.  My family wouldn’t stop at South of the Border when I was a tiny road tripper and now my own children know it well and always get their pictures inside the hippo’s mouth.  I made a great pit stop in the town of Newberry SC, which is like Mayberry, but in color 😉  I always get the contact information of people I meet along the way and I’m the kind of person who stands up for people who do a good job by telling the manager how awesome they were.  I’m sure people think I’m nutz, that I don’t follow trends, I love Sinatra and big band music, I follow the beat of my own drum so to speak…but something in the article really hit a nerve with me.  The part about your ex wife and how it was your fault for letting someone talk you out of your dream.  And I couldn’t agree more.  I’ve had a problem like that for the last 7 years which I am determined to remedy.  I want to conquer my fears and try cliff diving, drive cross country and stop at mom and pop resturaunts, spend 70.00 buying ice cream for everyone in a pharmacy that still has a soda jerk, practice random acts of kindness and find myself out in the desert.  Really watch a sunset uninterrupted, and live to tell my children, yeah i was scared but it was worth it!  I wish you lots of luck on your trip and I would love the chance to meet you before you go.  Bon Voyage!”

Answers from me:

1) I will be video taping log entries twice a day from within the cabin and I will be writing as well.  As Hillary points out, the written word can sometimes become more detailed…as I write now, I can anaylyze my thinking and hopefully become more precise in what I wish to translate to someone.

2) On embracing my explorer’s nature completely… I had not thought about this aspect of my Self and am glad she questions it.  In a way, I have set goals, like wanting to climb a volcano when I arrive in the Azores, but I will go back inside my head and think about this further…thank you for asking.

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