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The Beach Body workout program, P90X by Tony Horton is how I am training physically for the voyage.  Through the focus of training, my spiritual side has been bolstered as well.  I have never been one to do DVD workout programs…but not only is P90x the real deal…I have not stopped doing it since October of 2010 when I decided to “take off”.  I needed to become as strong physically as possible…P90X has been the Way…and I am still doing it…I will not stop until I leave for Portugal.

During the voyage, I will continue some of the exercises I have learned from Tony Horton…not all are possible on the boat, but I will Improvise my knowledge gained and adapt to the boat…thus overcoming what would seem to be a wall preventing me from working out while sailing…there is always a Way…

—frucci 🙂

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