stopping billys punch
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Martini Ball to benefit the Leo Mark Hodson Medical Fund

Leo Mark Hodson is a friend of mine and a fellow film-maker.  The photo above was taken in the summer of 2007 while on the shoot for the We Have No Life Production of “Undoing Time”.  Leo is the guy in the blue t-shirt who is about to get punched and stopped by my character in the orange jump suit…back then, Leo could walk, play and run around like most of us take for granted…including me.

Leo fell from a balcony a few years after that shoot…he is now confined to a wheel chair.  His story is an inspiring one…his path since the accident is one of positive growth which inspires me…the guy simply does not quit and he could have.

The story of Leo goes to the heart of what my Father always said to me growing up, “Improvise, Adapt and Overcome”.

On Saturday, May 6, 2001, there will be a fundraising event at Goodfellas in Wilmington, NC to help Leo purchase a much needed physical therapy device which will greatly help his recovery.  You can send Leo an email at leo.m.hodson@gmail.com to help out if you cannot attend the event.  I will be there and I hope you will too if you are in town.  Please watch the video…it may inspire you as it has me this morning.

Peace to you,


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