walking to the sea
Image by greg frucci via Flickr

Apparently, not the “stuff” I’ve been accumulating over the years.  This experience of clearing out the garage in preparation for the Garage Sale I am having on Saturday is “freeing”.  “Changing Course” is in part, an illustration of freeing us of the material things which bind us…holding us hostage in a place.  In some ways, parting with these things is difficult…seeing things which bring back memories…but that is all they are…memories which only exist in my mind…representations of what does not exist anymore…the Past…and I am leaving it behind me.  Parting with the material is a wall to be Overcome.

Someone who comes to my house on Saturday might say, “wow…I could put that “thing” to good use”, thus giving something which is dead in me, life again.  So, selling the stuff which is a burden in me to someone who will find a use for it…giving it life…is the positive in parting with a “thing” which only has memories…memories I will always have regardless of the existence of the “thing”.


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