ring tattoo
Image by greg frucci via Flickr

The circle over the two crossing bands of my ring tattoo was done while in South Beach, FL on 2/12/11 at Pirate Tattoo by Jenny Forth.
Photo by: Patricia Roseman
February 15, 2011

The two crossing bands were the first part of the tattoo created back in 1997 at a tattoo parlor in Southern Virgina as a wedding band for my 2nd wife.  The lower portion below the bands was the second part of the tat done in Wilmington, NC by Hardwire Tattoo in 2008.  With the circle above the two crossing bands, the tattoo is now complete…I may add the color, indigo at some point in the future…maybe when I arrive in Lisbon…

This ring tattoo is the basis for the “Changing Course” logo.

some say it looks like a Dragonfly…

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