People coming together in a loving way to work unselfishly as a Team…I love it!

This past Sunday, I came home from watching the stageplay ”Lobby Hero” at the Red Barn Studio here in Wilmington, NC (fantastic by the way), opened up my email and saw a link to this IndieGoGo funding effort created Sheila Brothers and the Producers of “Changing Course”. By helping us fund this Documentary, you will not only be participating in spirit, you will be with the production team physically while I am alone at sea being challenged by the elements and telling a story…a story you can make your own since we all have similar stories.  5 bucks or so and you can help us fund this in a great way.

Back in the Fall of 2010, I just had a thought…”I am going to do what I have always dreamed of doing…taking off on an adventure…spending some time alone with the Self and figure “stuff” out.”  So much has happened over 50 years of life to not just me, but those around me…to all of us in our individual lives.  Yes, I am going to tell a story which is personal, but in the telling of it and the way in which I tell it, you the viewer, will be able to put your own Self into the story and make it your own.  When I tell the story as you watch the crossing of the Atlantic…think of your own life story…think of the challenges you have been through and are going through right now…think of how you can meet those challenges and move on down your own path in a positive and loving way…bringing Peace to all you come in contact with.

When I started talking about what I am planning to do, friends of mine started to make the story their own and wanted to participate in some way.  We all came together and formed Cool Change Productions, LLC.  As time progressed, the idea started to take on a life of it’s own with the filming of “Changing Course”.  People would say, “Frucci, there is nothing negative about this…it’s all about being positive even when something negative happens to an individual…it’s about moving forward down our paths in a beautiful and loving way”.  Exactly…Peace in the end is what we are all after.

This isn’t just about me…it’s about Us.

— frucci 🙂

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