We are using a co-creative process. The ideas are placed in your ‘higher mind’, and they slowly filter down towards your mortal mind where you can interpret them as words. Don’t be overly concerned when starting these writings. Let go of anxieties and your need to know what you will write, so the process becomes easier.

You are starting to discover the adventure which really is life. The unexpected should not neccesarily cause concern or anxiety in people. Everything that happens, yes everything, is always for the greater good. Even when it seems painful or uncomfortable at the beginning, it will always be best for you, just like when your muscles are sore after exercising. You know that this temporary bother is an indication that you are growing stronger. Next time your muscles will be able to do more.

It might help if you would consider the events of life to be training, and an opportunity for you to grow stronger. If you have a moment to exercise, you know that if you don’t invest all your effort, the session will be useless, and you will have lost that opportunity. Similarly, when situations arise where you need to be more patient, more understanding, and show more faith in the Father, take the opportunity and give it your best effort in order to overcome that trial, because this is how you soul grows stronger, and how you become more spiritually real.

Life is training, a sowing field that produces souls with strong and balanced personalities that become worthy of trust. The souls that so grow and mature in this particular world are jewels much appreciated on High. Don’t waste the opportunity which a life in this world and at this time offers you. It is yet another gift from your Father.

An Unknown Teacher [of wisdom]