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So yesterday, while preparing for a video shoot with Rob Gee and Joe Cook of C-G Productions for more footage to become part of the “Changing Course” Prologue, I accidentally shaved off part of my left eyebrow.  :0).  I was also preparing for a “Changing Course” still photo shoot with Patricia Roseman later this week…tomorrow.  As part of the vain process we all go through in preparation for a video and/or photo shoot, I was primping myself so that I would look my best.  As I was frozen in time while looking at the ridiculousness of what I had just done, my first reaction was, “F***!!!!…I didn’t just do that!  Please someone in the Universe turn back the clock…Undo Time now!!!!!”  Well, that didn’t happen…life is what it is and there is nothing I can do to change the past…the past does not exist anymore…move on.

Bummed out, I went outside, sloughed in a chair and put my head in my hands wondering what the next step would be.  I called several of the Producers for “Changing Course” and got voice-mails…my message was simple…”I have a problem with today’s shoot…I shaved off half of my left eyebrow.”  The first person to call me back was Sheila Brothers and she could not stop laughing.  She said, after laughing hysterically, “Don’t worry, Frucci, we will shoot you from an angle and make it work.”

“Improvise, adapt…and overcome”…Dad’s words to me manifested and I started laughing hysterically with Sheila.  Don King called shortly thereafter and the exact same thing happened.  We both laughed, adapted to the situation by improvisation and overcame what seemed to be a problem.

Later in the day, I drove over to C-G Productions and did what I needed to do…we got some great footage…the updated Prologue to “Changing Course” will be complete by week’s end.  When you see the new version, you will see some of the footage of me sitting at an angle…you’ll know why.

As far as the photo shoot with Patricia goes…why not?  “Half-brow Frucci” is part of who I am now… 🙂  Patricia shot new head shots for me last week…thank the Universe for the timing…I can have some fun with the browlessness, but for head shots…that would not have been good….

—frucci 🙂

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