concept for the Lady Wishforth Puppet Museum
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For me at least, in order to create something, an understanding of the parts within the design sought, must be found.  As a working Architect for over 20 years and five years of Architecture school before that, I would always try and find the meaning of what is to be created.  To understand what a wall, opening, floor, etc. “IS” in relation to what is to be created will generate a stronger design, regardless of whether the design comes quickly or takes many hours of thinking.

In a similar way, we create the lives we live through a design process…we design our Selves…

When pieces are found and an understanding of what they are is realized within the context of Self, one can use those pieces to create a “thing” in an intelligent way…the design becomes cohesive in time.

When walking along our paths in life, we come upon realizations of aspects of the Self…finding and holding onto them, assuming we accept those realizations honestly.  If we deny what we find…those aspects of who we are become invisible to us resulting in the inability to create growth.   Upon finding and holding onto those pieces, we can then use those aspects of who we are to then create our present and future, thus continually creating our selves in a positive way.  If we embark on this design process of creating our Selves in a positive and loving way, we can spread the positivity to others.  Conversely, the same thing holds true for negativity and those who exist there…I choose the positive path, ignoring the negative…allowing it to pass me by…leaving all things negative behind me.

When searching for something…for the self…pieces will be found.  Upon analysis of those pieces, our experiences will give us a stronger understanding of what those pieces are and how they can be used.  Used in such ways that they can help forge stronger foundations of both relationships and commitments with others and Self.  Selfishness, deception, and usury grounded in fear based negativity will not be necessary because we have found out through honest analysis of Self how to act with integrity.

Through this process of finding, we are creating the “whole” at the same time.  The two, finding and creating become one, existing in the same moment.

When you find your Self through honesty, you can create so much more…create something with a stronger foundation…so strong in fact, that what is built upon it will last our lifetimes in a light, positive and beautiful way…creation of your own Way.

Peace is a reality, despite the assertion of others who do not have faith in it…it can be achieved…we just have to manifest the reality through our thinking…within the process of our actions upon our thinking, we can find Peace…mould it…and create the “whole”.

Peace to us…Love is the source of all emotions attached to the intention of creating Peace,


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