“The Home Depot is a wonderful place to work primarily because of the people I came to know.  That store in Monkey Junction is playing a big part in supporting me what I am about to do.”

When I first approached the Store Manager, Penny Worley, at the Home Depot Store where I work part-time, I just was asking for a couple of months off the schedule.  I wasn’t even sure if I would loose my job by being gone that long.  After I told her in detail what I am going to do, including making a documentary out of the experience, she said, “So, you’re telling me a Home Depot associate is going to sail across the Atlantic Ocean alone on a spiritual journey?  This is fantastic, we will support you!”  I was blown away by her positive energy and graciousness…the project started snowballing from that day to present. 

Rick Sandino, one of the Department Heads at the Home Depot store where I work, became part of the Cool Change Productions team and it was he who coined the phrase, “Home is where you make it”.  Many people have been asking the same thing, “Home Depot…sail boats…how does that work?”  But if you think about it, Home doesn’t have to mean “house” or “condo” or anything commonly called “home”.   Many items can be found in The Home Depot stores which can be used while working and living on any boat.  ”Home” can be anywhere you lay your head in your own place…for around 30 days this spring, my home will in fact be a sailboat…the “Cuddy”.  When I get back, maybe I’ll live in a condo instead of house…or maybe I’ll “get a bigger boat” and live on that….who knows?

Home is where any of us makes it…

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