high temple concept
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“Love is a temple

Love is a higher law”

Mary J. Blige and U2 singing “One”

Learning what Love is…what is not…has been and will continue to be a life long process for all of us.  I am 50 years old…half a century…and I’m still learning…I have empirical data from which to draw conclusions from, but I do not have all the answers.  Making this journey will be a time of meditation through hard work…both physically and mentally in order to prepare for an unknown future…again, a future I very much look forward to in a positive way.

I had a conversation with a friend the other day about “standing upright”, “straight”.  We both are on similar paths.  Learning what Love is can be part of that ability to stand upright.  Finding a peace within Self gives us the ability to spread Love…give Love…receive Love…just be Love.  The lightness of finding peace makes it easier to stand upright and walk straight.

As the days go by in the preparation for this trek across the Atlantic, I am getting closer to the peace I seek…I feel it more everyday.  Sure, nothing is 100 percent in this human life of ours, but we can always strive to get as close as possible…and staying positive…even staying positive when something negative comes our way…affords us the strength to press on to as close to 100 percent…perfection…as we can get.

I’ve taken the “blinders” off from my eyes…from my Self.  Looking around, I see endless possibilities in all things.  I “know” very little of others, but I am “knowing” my Self even more.

Love is strength.  Fear is weakness.

When we base our actions in Love; we can cross barriers, achieve goals, defeat negativity and ultimately find Peace.  When we base our actions in Fear, the opposite will occur.  Love is not just about two people, it’s more about Self…once the Self has Love…expansion of that Love will flow like the greatest of rivers.

 “do what you show”

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