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Sure, there are things about the past we would all like to have “undone” or would have turned out differently, but if we focus on those, we get caught up in regret.  I do not have regrets…none.  Regrets will translate into negativity which will drain us of postitive energy and we’ll just end up wallowing in self-pity…self-pity will lead to self distruction.  Not me…oh, don’t get me wrong, I’ve gone down the negative road in the past…we all have at some point, but the lesson I take from those moments is a rememberence of feeling rotten.  The “math” is simple…I do not want to feel rotten, so don’t dwell on past events…don’t make stuff up in your head about how “bad” something might be in the future based on past events…the future hasn’t happened yet and I can shape it…focus on what positive can be done right now in the present…the future will take care of itself.  Be positive in the world and spread it. The experiences which we might regret, we can think about just briefly enough to analyze the experience, learn from choices made and not make those particular choices again.  To me at least, that is a way of taking something which was negative and creating something postive out of it.  The end result now, is holding onto something positive and deleting that which was negative.

The cool thing about the Past is that we take lessons from it…neither forgetting completely, nor focusing on it…if we forget about the Past completely, we may make the same choices again and suffer.  Just take that positive aspect of lessons into the future and become a stronger individual from the knowledge gained.  It’s like have a “strength file” to reference from time to time when certain situations pop up that one has experienced in the past…we can have reference points to help us make choices.  That strength will translate into goodness, love and peace which can be spread everywhere.

—frucci 🙂

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