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“Submit a question or anything else”

I’ve been getting questions personally, so I was thinking why not make it easy for anyone to comment or ask whatever they like on this website…create a discussion…get people thinking not just about the voyage I am taking, but about themselves…their own motivations in life.  The more questions…the more I, myself think…the more We think…the better I can prepare…the better We can prepare for our own paths we take. 

May 2011 is not far off.  I got a question yesterday about me being ready by May.  I could have taken it as a negative comment, but I did not…I love those questions because they help give me focus by talking things out in detail.  Even if negative comments are made, they can create positive thinking in my being…that’s the kind of thing that just gives me even more energy…more strength…more motivation…fuels my spiritual fire.  May is not soon enough for me personally. 

The reality is…In the middle of May of this year, the top of my mast will disapear over the eastern horizon of the Atlantic Ocean and not be seen again on this side of the pond… 

peace to us…the year is going to be a wonderful one…

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