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Image by greg frucci via Flickr

There is a storm at sea and I am at battle with it. As the storm rages on, I fight to remain on course and reach the destination I have chosen, yet I seem to be going no where in particular…I am confused about my position.

After what seems an eternity, I am growing weary of the battle…it’s time to declare defeat and let the seas calm on their own time…taking me where the sea wishes. Is there somehow a victory in defeat? How I declare victory is by being open to where the sea takes me…I toss out my selfish desire to predetermine my destination when there are other factors I may not consider…why fight the course the sea wants me to take…especially if it knows something I do not?

If the raging sea is wanting me to change my course and I find what I am searching for upon the allowance of that change…I find peace and we both win.

I am drawn to the sea…setting sail and traveling across the Atlantic is the path I am on. The physical route I take will vary from my predetermined course perhaps, however, my physical destination of Lisbon is the easy part to hold onto no matter what the sea brings my way. The spiritual destination is not predetermined, by me at least, and I am open to whatever dock I cast my lines upon. The past has taught me things…fueled by a spiritual fire, those lessons will be taken onto the dock…and wherever I walk in the future.

I am excited by the unknown…

—frucci 🙂