“The Indigo Sea” (a series of paintings)

Originally posted on Life seen through Poetry: Inspired by the Muse of Me:

From the images which are still my head…
I began to paint a couple of months ago…
a series of paintings I call “The Indigo Sea”.

I witnessed many things while sailing.  The feelings created within my Core become the inspiration for translating mind onto canvas.

I do not know how many paintings will become part of this series.  Two are completed and two more are in process.  Quite a bit happened “out there”…so many images…so many different emotions…so much Transformation.  The book, “Path of Three Hundred” became the immediate release of those images, emotions and feelings and I am working on a second book in my mind.  These paintings are an outpouring of creativity inspired by the Adventure…an Adventure which continues to play back in my mind…even while I sleep.

So what is the inspiration for the painting above?  This is what I was thinking about while…

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