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Question Everything…

Originally posted on Life seen through Poetry: Inspired by the Muse of Me:
You are given the ability to Create… All of those who have come before you… are no better than you… so, question everything including that which all others take for granted… ψ All others are human just like you… they know not…

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Trailer for Changing Course, aka: “Path of Three Hundred”

  After over 2 years of not doing anything with the footage of the solo sailing adventure, I have put together this rough cut from some of the footage. Most of which I shot while at sea. There is much more footage while at sea and even more shot by the production crew before I … Continue reading

Petah Evolves

At the Threshold of a door

I am at the Threshold of a door…   Pausing for a flowing moment in order to improvise…   I must, in order to go farther…   Ψ   I raise my hands up from my sides…   With palms facing the heavens…   Receiving a Gift…   Ψ   As we travel our Paths … Continue reading

photo by Lt. Col. Allen LeRoy Frucci while we climbed my first mountain back in the late 1960s.  Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.  Words by Greg Frucci, co-creatively place on the photo by Katherine Gerardi, 2014

What our Fathers teach us…

Following Your Internal Compass and Making Your Own Decisions By Greg Frucci  

Words by Rumi. Co-Creative artwork by Katherine Gerardi and Greg Frucci, 2013. Katherine took one of my paintings of the Bermuda Longtail and altered the color and texture.

Within Flow comes Acceptance…and a smile.

In a womb I am… comfortable here within these warm protective walls… yet… The Time is Now to become the Free Spirit which was Created through a metamorphosis of Change… Ψ As the Little She sailed during the late night into early morning with Petah at her helm, the winds and waves began to diminish. … Continue reading

at masonboro 1

Two years ago today…Arrival

Two years ago today… I sailed into Masonboro Inlet… Wilmington, North Carolina and what was then… Home… After being at sea alone for nine days… and a life changing experience at sea… I inched my way into an inlet and later onto a dock with two of my best friends meeting me there… David Christopher … Continue reading

Indigo Honor for Lucky 12x8

Ego says: “Once everything falls into place, I will find Peace. Spirit says: “Once I find Peace, everything falls into place.”

Originally posted on Life seen through Poetry: Inspired by the Muse of Me:
An old friend who is dear to me because of the struggles which he has experienced over time, speaks these words to me in response to this: “Finding Peace without Closure and Answers can be difficult!” …yes it can be in the…

Artwork Co-Created by Katherine Gerardi using a photograph of the Golden Gate Bridge , a painting of the Bermuda Longtail and the “Compass Rose” drawing by me.

We all carry with us many things through Life…

Ψ The Bermuda Longtail exists only in the Atlantic Ocean… yet as I am here in California… I carry the experiences of that particular sea with me… as we all carry with us many things through Life… Related articles Happy Thanksgiving to all with Love. (gregfrucci.com)

Gratitude to all who entered…Winners of the “Path of Three Hundred” Goodreads Giveaway will receive their copies soon.

The contest ended earlier today and the winners of the 2nd annual “Path of Three Hundred” Goodreads Giveaway have been notified.  I will begin signing the 20 copies immediately with a note to each winner and send them out early next week.  1,168 people entered from many different countries and I feel intense Gratitude to … Continue reading

Photo by Paul Boroznoff.  Used by Permission

Free Goodreads Book Giveaway of “Path of Three Hundred” ends on November 27th…Enter Soon.

Goodreads Book Giveaway Path of Three Hundred by Greg Frucci Giveaway ends November 27, 2013. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter to win I am giving away 20 books to the winners and it is Free to Enter…so…why not? :) Goodreads reviews for Path of Three Hundred Reviews from Goodreads.com

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